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The Path to Profitability: How to Design a Winning Training Program


Dan Clapper, Commercial HVAC and Facilities Maintenance Market Director for Interplay Learning

Ken Midgett, Plumbing Market Director at Interplay Learning

Rachael Hayduk, Senior Learning Strategist at Interplay Learning

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When you have more engaged, competent, and confident technicians, your business is more profitable. Designing a training program that gets you and your team there may feel like it’s easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this webinar, Interplay training experts and trade industry veterans Dan Clapper and Ken Midgett will pull from their more than 50 years of combined experience, sharing best practices, critical insights, and real-world stories that will help you design a training program that elevates your people and your business. 

In addition, Dan and Ken will be joined by Interplay’s senior learning strategist Rachael Hayduk, who’ll share a behind-the-scenes look into how Interplay designs training courses and pathways to meet the needs of techs and admins.


Topics covered and things you’ll learn:

  • How to determine training roles and responsibilities
  • Guidelines to help establish training goals and set expectations
  • Ways to create a plan you and your team can achieve
  • Tips for identifying the right mix of training courses and pathways for your team
  • The value in finding and empowering your training champions
  • The best ways to highlight training value to techs: from acquiring new skills to career pathing

About the Speakers

Dan Clapper:

Dan serves as the Commercial HVAC and Facilities Maintenance Market Director for Interplay Learning. Dan brings 25 years of experience to Interplay in a variety of roles across the HVAC market. Over the years in this space, Dan has developed a passion for helping trade professionals grow their businesses and their people.


From installing boilers and HVAC equipment with his father as a teenager to sales, design, and distribution at the wholesale level, to training thousands of HVAC professionals across the country at the manufacturing level, Dan has a unique perspective on best practices.

Dan Clapper, Commercial HVAC & Facility Maintenance Expert at Interplay Learning
Ken Midgett Headshot.

Ken Midgett:

Ken serves as the Plumbing Market Director at Interplay Learning. He has been in the plumbing and heating industry for over 40 years and has worked in every facet of the industry. Ken has owned two successful PHCC businesses, is a licensed Master Plumber and is a two-time national award-winning educator in plumbing and heating CTE classrooms. 


Ken has a 100% placement rate into the industry for all eligible Seniors from his program. He was also noted throughout the CTE industry for including non-traditional workers in his classroom, including young women, whom he’s also helped place into the workforce.

Rachael Hayduk:

Rachael is Interplay Learning’s Senior Learning Strategist. With a master’s degree in education, elearning, and instructional design, and over a decade of experience navigating the intersection of education and technology, Rachael seamlessly merges cognitive psychology with practical training methods. Prior to joining Interplay, Rachael played a pivotal role at an online edtech unicorn specializing in video training courses, where she led a team in assessment production. 


At Interplay, Rachael combines her passion for psychometrics with her expertise analyzing learning data to ensure that Interplay products exceed the expectations of the learners they serve.

Rachael H Headshot.

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