Achieving Remarkable Training ROI

Residential HVAC Company Decreased Callbacks and Boosted Revenue 20% in Just 3 Months

This residential HVAC company previously relied on traditional training methods like sending technicians to offsite training programs and distributorship sessions. However, as technology advanced, they realized there were more efficient ways to train in-house.

In this case study, discover how this company:

  • Achieved 93% technician engagement 
  • Attained a 20% average service ticket value increase
  • Reduced callback rates from 12% to 2%
  • Achieved 30% faster service calls.
  • Reduced time to ramp new hires by 50%
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“With Interplay, we can now bring in a new hire and work with them to set up milestones and make a maintenance tech out of them in a month. Before, it took us 20 hours a week to get that done, which was a full 80 hours a month! Now, we spend about 5 to 10 hours a week.”

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