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We’re the Austin, Texas-based, leading global provider of award-winning online and Virtual Reality (VR) training and education for essential skilled trades. Our mission is to build better training, careers and lives for our customers in the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Solar and Facilities Maintenance industries.

How are we doing this? By closing the skills gap for essential skills trade workers by quickly and safely training them using the latest technology in experiential computing. Our platform recreates life-like VR scenarios for skilled trades workers, allowing them to learn in a more engaging environment. We provide a deeper level of learning than reading a manual or watching a video. The result is a workforce that is confident, highly skilled and ready in just a few weeks, not years.

We’re literally revolutionizing training for the skilled trades that hasn’t changed for 100 years. Our scalable, digital learning experience compresses time from beginner to mastery – and can efficiently train hundreds of workers to be job-ready at the same time – quickly.

Welcome to the next generation of the skilled labor workforce. 

Get in touch with us at press@interplaylearning.com.

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Fast Facts

Founder & CEO

Doug Donavan - Interplay CEO Headshot


Doug Donavan is the dynamic leader behind Interplay Learning. He drives the company’s strategic vision, and enthusiastically inspires his team every day to think bigger.

Before Interplay, Doug was involved in several startups, including Greener Dawn and SmashCast.

Year Founded
September 2016

Austin, TX

Doug Donovan

Number of Employees
40 Full-time Employees

2020 Year-Over-Year Growth

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2018 Inc. 5000 ListAI Breakthrough Award 2019Austin Inno Awards 2019award4

“Interplay's platform has quickly become the foundation for our internal training program. The content engages our junior technicians, so they actually use it and can see a clear path on how to grow their technical skills. This means we can hire for attitude and train for skill.”

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“Experienced technicians have said it is a respectful challenge to their skills. It’s a place to go to ‘sharpen the saw.’ Newer technicians like to be able to see and engage what they’re working with. Company managers like it because the technicians are proving that they have the skill.”

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“Interplay Learning, an Austin start-up, drops an HVAC worker into a backyard with a faulty unit or lets an electrical engineer dig into a tangle of wires, allowing them to apply their training and gain hands-on experience from their desks.”

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