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Meet SAM, the first AI-powered advisor for the skilled trades. SAM gives your team instant and personalized guidance so they can gain skills faster and learn more efficiently.

With SAM by their side, your technicians can ask questions and receive instant assistance while they’re using SkillMill. SAM helps enhance comprehension, sharpen critical thinking, and fast-track learning by combining Interplay’s expert content with cutting-edge AI technology.

Immediate Assistance, Enhanced Learning

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Sharpen Critical Thinking

SAM, short for Skill Advisor and Mentor, encourages learners to think critically and helps them comprehend content better and faster. It’s like having a friendly conversation where we guide them towards “aha” moments and help them develop problem-solving skills like a pro.

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Save Time and Boost Productivity

When newer techs ask SAM for help, it can free senior techs and managers from answering basic questions, saving precious time and boosting productivity for the whole team! 

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Tap into the Wisdom of Pros

SAM uses data from Interplay’s award-winning training, which has been carefully crafted by seasoned subject matter experts. By accessing the wisdom of other pros, SAM can elevate the skills of your entire team and help them learn skills right the first time.

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Fast-Track Learning

Available in SkillMill, SAM meets techs where they are – beginners or pros – and provides assistance to suit their specific needs at the moment they need support. It’s an approachable mentor who understands them perfectly and helps them learn faster. 

Reimagine Training with Interplay Learning


Uses Interplay’s extensive simulation library and powerful SkillMill platform to deliver an advanced skills-based learning solution


Knows which simulations learners are using and leverages artificial intelligence to provide accurate and tailored guidance


Guides learners to think critically using a supportive approach that encourages and motivates learning

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Get Early Access

Exciting news! Interplay is now offering a phased Beta trial for customers. Join our waitlist today to experience the power of AI-driven mentorship!

NOTE: Only admins currently using Interplay’s training are eligible to join the waitlist.

Interplay’s Intelligence Lab

Interplay’s new Intelligence Lab is shaping the future of skilled trades training. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that fulfill our mission of creating better careers and better lives.

By combining Interplay’s powerful platform, acclaimed content, and cutting-edge Intelligence, we’re enhancing learning and helping companies recruit, ramp, and retain a skilled workforce. SAM, our first innovation, is just the beginning of the groundbreaking new capabilities to come.

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