Remington College Uses 3D Simulations to Increase Student Engagement

Supporting self-directed learning for trades programs

Remington College adapted to the limitations of traditional teaching, driven by the pandemic’s demand for remote, hands-on learning. With Interplay as a supplemental teaching tool, they addressed diverse student needs and prepped them for the workforce in a flexible higher education landscape.

In this case study, discover how Remington College:

  • Introduced program flexibility aligned to remote learning
  • Empowered students with tools to safely self-direct their learning
  • Offered diverse hands-on practice exposure with 3D simulations
  • Prepared grads with essential skills to enter the workforce confidently
Snapshot of a case study on Interplays 3D simulations increases student engagment at Remington College
Heather Hensell, Provost, Remington College
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“With Interplay, lab time is more effective because they learn the foundations at home, where they can have fun with gamification, repeat lessons, practice, and gain confidence before touching real equipment. It helps them gain familiarity with tools, equipment, and industry terminology and appeals to different learning styles.”

Heather Hensell 

Provost, Remington College

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