Career Exploration

Virtually Explore Careers in the Skilled Trades

With Career Exploration from Interplay, learners can virtually explore skilled trades careers like HVAC, plumbing, multi-family maintenance, and electrical using hands-on 3D simulations.

Experience a Future Career, Today

Unlock the potential of a fulfilling career in skilled trades with Career Exploration’s 3D and virtual reality simulations, available in Interplay’s immersive training platform.

Help learners visualize the day-to-day duties, tools, and skills required to turn passion into a profession. They will be able to better understand what it takes to create an enriching path that leads them toward both personal growth and professional success.

Expand Career Possibilities with 3D Simulations for the Skilled Trades

Learners can browse through a variety of immersive scenarios to get a feel for basic trade requirements and participate in hands-on virtual exercises to help decide if a career in the trades is right for them.


Electrical Exploration

Plumbing Exploration

Appliances Exploration


Multi-Family Maintenance Exploration

Building Maintenance Exploration

The First Step in the Path to Success


Allow learners to experience hands-on scenarios, discover job duties and requirements, and find their perfect job fit in a safe and controlled environment.

Train and Learn

Use Interplay Learning’s immersive platform to train hands-on methods such as troubleshooting and diagnostics and teach critical thinking skills.

Career Readiness

Give learners the opportunities to earn industry-recognized certifications like EPA 608, OSHA 10, and NATE Ready to Work so they have real-world credentials when entering the workforce.