Experience 3D Sim Training in Action

See Why SkillMill™ is the Fastest Way to a Skilled Workforce

Experience 3D Sim Training in Action

See Why SkillMill™ is the Fastest Way to a Skilled Workforce

We'll cover:

  • What is SkillMill™?
  • How to attract, onboard and upskill your techs
  • How to track user progress and address the skills gaps on your team
  • How to drive training adoption, motivate usage and reduce turnover
  • The benefits of Comersive Learning for trades training
  • PLUS: Real-time demos of 3D sim troubleshooting scenarios

Empower Your Team

Fieldlike, On-Demand Training for Skilled Trades

200+ Hours of Training

More than 200 hours of learning material for your team in our course catalog of video-based and 3D simulations

New Monthly Courses

Access an expanding library of material with new courses launching monthly

Track User Progress

Track your learner's progress through the SkillMill admin dashboard and see your team's growth

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Your team can access via desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and even VR-headsets

Why more than 2,000 businesses love SkillMill™

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"Their technology is next level and has/is personally helping me grow my service business to the next level and quickly!"

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"I’ve never experienced anything like it. The training is awesome and how the techs can learn, there’s nothing like it. "

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if someone leaves my team?

No problem. You can easily switch out that learner to the next person you hire. We know retention is a challenge you face. We want you to have confidence that you do not lose out if someone leaves your company.

2. I'm a manager, do I get access?

Yes. If you are purchasing a team account for three or more learners, you will get admin access and complete access to the product. We hope you use it to learn, try VR sims or provide classroom training via projector.

3. How do I access VR training?

Contact sales@interplaylearning.com and we can chat with you about our easy leasing program. We can also help you figure out what hardware would be best to purchase if that's what you'd prefer.

4. How much does the training cost? Is it per user?

Our pricing is simple, $349 per person. This gives each person access to the entire skilled trades catalog and gives you the ability to track each person's progress. If you are ready to train a big team, we always suggest reaching out to sales@interplaylearning.com

5. Can I only do the simulations via virtual reality?

No. You can use our simulations via desktops/laptops, on a tablet (or with a VR headset). Simulations will not play on phones. We also highly recommend downloading our desktop app for the best simulation and VR experience. Visit your app store and search "SkillMill" for the tablet app. 

6. Can my team access this via mobile?

Our training has many video-based courses which can be accessed via a phone. So your team can watch videos during downtime or even pull up a sim walkthrough video on the job site. Remember, sim activities won't work on your phone.

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