Strengthen hands-on learning in a virtual world with ease

Online, on-demand training content. Supporting your vocational program.

Virtual training is the number one tool to expand your student's curriculum.

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In a traditionally hands-on industry, trades training can seem challenging to imagine without physical equipment. However, in today's remote world, having digital learning options are a necessity. 

Fortunately, SkillMill™, the world's leading skilled trades training platform, offers you lifelike learning solutions to supplement field training within your vocational program. With digital simulations and VR, transform your students into career-ready job candidates that are confident and capable of entering the workforce.

With SkillMill™ You Can:

  • Safely simulate hands-on learning with lifelike equipment
  • Supplement in-person lectures with expert-led online content  
  • Train, assign and grade homework assignments, all in one place

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Empower Your Students

Field-like, On-Demand Training for Skilled Trades

200+ Hours of Training

Assign hours of learning material to your students in our course catalog of video-based and 3D simulations

New Monthly Courses

Access an expanding library of material with new courses launching monthly

Track Student Progress

Track your learner's progress through the SkillMill admin dashboard

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Students can access via desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and even VR-headsets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Command Center?

Assign, test and grade your students course work, all in one place. With the ability to integrate into your current LMS, and the option to upload external links, create a custom learning path specific to your students’ needs. Schedule mandatory compliance training to make sure students leave your program well-versed in on-the-job safety hazards. Also, they can safely troubleshoot in a risk-free environment through our online troubleshooting courses. Review scores of all assigned courses and tests in one, easy-to-read dashboard.

Can students access courses on a mobile device?

Our training has many video-based courses, which can be accessed via a phone. Sim activities will not work on your phone, but they work through our tablet app (available on Android and iOS).

Can simulations only be done in virtual reality?

No. You can use our simulations via desktops/laptops, on a tablet (or with a VR headset). Simulations will not play on phones. We also highly recommend downloading our desktop app for the best simulation and VR experience. Visit your app store and search "SkillMill" for the tablet app. 

How do I access VR training?

Contact or request a demo above, and we can chat with you about our easy leasing program. We can also help you decide what hardware would be best to purchase, if that's what you'd prefer.