Interplay can deliver affordable, customized 3D simulation and VR development as a turnkey solution to scale and modernize your training.

Efficient and Effective

Long proven in military, medical and aviation, there is no better way to learn technical skills faster than 3D and Virtual Reality simulation.

Scale Globally 

Deliver training to new technicians or teams across the world at a fraction of the cost. Magnify the impact of your training roadshows by providing digital access to 24/7 simulation training.

Next-Gen Approved

Millennials are your future workforce. Go to where they are. Leverage digital capabilities to amplify the impact of your training. 


Training is marketing. Associate your brand with the latest in technical advancement.  Use Virtual Reality simulations as both primary training tools and showcase pieces.  

Why Now?

If you're facing manpower constraints as a result of growth or an aging workforce, we can help.

Are you prepared...
  • For when veteran technicians retire?
  • To train millennials?
  • To scale your training globally?

Up to 60% of the technical skilled workforce is turning over in the next 10 years, so the challenge of finding high quality employees is just going to get tougher. Hold on, it’s going to hurt. Let us help ease the pain.

Need in skilled trades training in the near future
Skilled trades training simulation software screenshot

3D and VR Simulation Development

Make your product and brand stand 3 dimensions above the rest. 
  • External training is marketing. Win mindshare and loyalty through innovation and product training differentiation
  • Support new product launches with highly effective, scalable training
  • Lower warranty and support costs through a training method proven to be the most effective in technical training
Let's Talk More

OJT 2.0: A Training Platform Optimized for Technical Learning

Training in the skilled trades is all we do. 
  • We've designed our online training delivery platform with the restless tradesperson in mind.  Think easy access to mobile, graphical and short-burst training modules
  • Need a more engaging solution for internal training?  Let us connect to your Learning Management System to deliver robust VR content. ROI is easily demonstrated.  
Skilled trades technician learning management system software
Skilled trades technician training software on laptop, tablet and virtual reality

Let Us Worry About the Hardware

Our Virtual Reality System hardware progam is a turnkey solution for your training
  • For a low monthly fee, our full hardware solution supports your virtual reality training delivery
  • Complete technical support, maintenance and swap-out upgrades means you have no hardware worries
  • Remove the cost and hassle of trying to ship large training equipment.  Deliver a virtual solution instead. 

Streamlined Content Development Means Affordability 

Purpose-built for mechanical and electrical trades, our development engine powers the creation of effective training simulations.   
  • 6 years in the making, we have honed our pedagogical, technical and content development system, serving a wide spectrum of skilled trades
  • With our end-to-end capabilities, clients can bring us their biggest training challenges, knowing we’ve got what it takes to deliver world class training solutions
Skilled trades technician training software progression and development
Solar energy skilled trade technician on the job training

Train Your Channel. Build a Partner Program.

Provide your dealers, distributors and service providers with powerful VR training and trackable assessment.   
  • Ensure your entire distribution channel is equipped with the training they need to achieve profitability and deliver a consistent customer experience
  • VR provides unrivaled assessment capabilities.  The platform enables tracking for compliance, certification or partner programs.  A powerful combination for a global partner program.