Proven Training Method

Military, aviation, and medical fields have long-proven simulation and virtual reality as a training tool with maximum impact.
  • More repetitions in a shorter time means faster results.
  • Life-like tools and scenario-based learning fully immerses users in experiential context. 
  • Use simulation training in parallel with hands-on training to maximize skill development.
  • Practice difficult or rare situations that are critical to the job at hand.
Virtual reality training for skilled trades
Skilled trades virtual reality game based training software

One word: Immersive

Simulations use 3D technology to put the learner in the action.
  • Next-gen employees have grown up with realistic, life-like video games. Leverage this technology to learn on-the-job skills.
  • Experiential, active learning means better retention and better on-the-job decisions.
  • Built-in gamification provides additional motivation and engagement to help you implement new training methods.

Laptop, Tablet, or Virtual Reality

An integrated development platform enables the simulations to work on any platform.
  • Learning is not meant for just one device. Our integrated platform allows for learning to occur across multiple devices and locations.
  • On-the-job tablets are now on-the-job training tools.
  • Ready to take your training to the next level?  Let us deliver you the hardware for a full VR training system.  
Skilled trades training on laptop, tablet and virtual reality

Simulation Training Increases Productivity

Do more installs and more service calls per day

  • Productivity is direct function of training and experience.
  • Use experiential training to inspire confidence and empower employees with skills to make better decisions on the job.
  • Get new staff up and running in weeks versus months.
  • Provide training that leads to greater job satisfaction and a longer tenure to drive business productivity.

Train to Retain

Use dynamic, engaging training as an advantage to grow your company.

  • The labor market is tight for a technical workers. Your committment to investing in employees will differentiate you from the competition.
  • PwC report shows millennials believe that development and training is more important than financial reward.
  • Develop a fun training culture with 3D simulations and Virtual Reality.
  • Turnover is likely the largest hidden cost in your company.  Reduce it with a better training solution.

Simulation is the Game Changer You've Been Waiting For

Simulation can be the catalyst to create a transformative culture of learning. The impact on productivity and profit is proven and measurable.  

  • Employee engagement goes up, directly impacting productivity.
  • A "growth mindset” takes root yielding ever-higher levels of performance.
  • Managers have better tools and more opportunity to coach and mentor.
  • Career paths and reward programs can track alongside advancements in learning.