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NABCEP certified solar energy mechanical and electrical technician simulation training for laptop, tablet, and virtual reality

Solar Job-Ready Program, VR-Ready

Get your new solar installers, sales professionals, electricians, and operations team job ready with Interplay's solar training program.  Continuous access to each sim-based course developed by Mark Mrohs, our leading Subject Matter Expert. Each sim is VR Ready allowing you to take your training and your company into the future.

Courses currently include

Site Assessment
Installation: Electrical Equipment
Installation: Array Assembly
Commissioning: Mechanical Inspection
Commissioning: Electrical System
O&M: Troubleshooting

NABCEP certified solar energy panel technician for mechanical install simulation training on laptop and tablet

Installation: Array Assembly Course 

This detailed, step-by-step simulation-based course takes a learner through every step of installing a solar array on a residential roof. The course takes your employees from snapping lines and marking attachment locations to mounting modules to the proper torque value. The learner is able to practice a life-like solar installation in a safe environment, allowing them to better understand every step needed when actually on a roof.

Included in the Solar Job Ready Program. 

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NABCEP certified solar energy panel technician for electrical install simulation training on laptop and tablet

Installation: Electrical Equipment Course 

Safely learn the steps needed to connect the electrical assembly of a solar array in a simulation-based environment. The Electrical Install Course includes a general overview of electrical concepts like tools and equipment, typical electrical components, wiring, conduit, and grounding. Then the learner engages with the simulation-based practice of locating and mounting equipment, routing and installing conduit, installing wiring, monitoring equipment installation, and labeling. 


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Site Assessment Course (Included)

The Site Assessment Course begins with overviews of tools and equipment used in the site survey process as well as overviews of roof construction and roof type. Then the learner gets to engage in a series of site assessment simulations including roof condition, attic assessment, shading calculations, ground and roof hazards, and service panel compatibility.

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Commissioning: Mechanical Inspection Course 

This simulation-based course teaches your team the best practices on how to conduct a final inspection of all the components of an installation before electrical commissioning to confirm that all mechanical components are installed safely and properly labeled.
NABCEP certified solar energy panel technician for O&M commissioning simulation training on laptop and tablet

Commissioning: Electrical System

In this simulation-based course, your installers will learn how to energize and confirm the proper operation of all electrical components and confirm the actual output is as expected.

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O&M: Troubleshooting Course

This course allows current or aspiring Crew Leads and electricians to troubleshoot dozens of different real-world scenarios. First, you are walked through each problem scenario in a 'learning mode' where step-by-step instructions lead to problem resolution. Then you can enter the 'challenge mode' where you must recall what you have learned and navigate to the solution on your own. This approach is quite different from traditional lecture-based instruction and really engages the practical-minded solar installer.

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