Content + Technology = OJT 2.0

A single platform that brings together training content, multiple-device delivery capability and full tracking for learners and managers.
  • Loaded with simulation-based training courses curated by industry experts and laser-focused on relevant on-the-job skills
  • Intuitive dashboards to quickly evaluate progress, strengths, or needed focus areas 
  • Integrated jobsite training apps to extend learning and track the on-the-job training
HVAC on the job simulation training software tablet
On the job training simulation learning management system

OJT 2.0 

Bring structure and learning content to your training program with Interplay's training platform, "OJT 2.0".
  • Field service and contractor companies are perennially challenged with structuring a consistent repeatable training program, relying primarily on "ride-alongs" or "shadowing".
  • Recognizing this, Interplay designed its platform, OJT 2.0, to support that while amplifying those efforts with structured training content and training trackability.
  • With engaging 3D and VR content, you now have training material your technicians will actually use.  Establish a company culture of learning with the platform as the hub. 

Don't Wait on Experience, Grow Talent

Implementing a systematic approach to your training builds a foundation for future growth. 

The funnel of skilled labor into the trades is at a critical point across all industries. The ability to develop your future employees will become a major competitve necessity.  Waiting to find employees with the right experience might lead to you, in reality, only waiting.

Interplay's OJT 2.0 expands training opportunties for your employees, gives your training additional structure, and allows you to increase your training opportunities to create a repeatable training program to grow talent. 


Training Drives Topline

Training is sales driver, not an expense.

  • Customer reviews and referrals are a service business' leading sales driver. Employee training builds the foundation to deliver 5-star customer reviews.
  • More productive, engaged, and dedicated employees deliver faster jobs with fewer callbacks. Reduce unnecessary truck rolls that drive short term costs and long term revenue issues

Accelerate Performance

Allow technology and gamification to expedite your employees' learning. 

  • Empower employees to advance and demonstrate skill compentencies by achieving milestones or pursuing mini-certs on the OJT 2.0 platform
  • Bring consistency to technical training for new hires and across the organization with easy on-boarding tools
  • Give employees visibility into career paths to help them understand their future at the company or in the industry
  • Use pre-assessments and management tools to design personalized learning paths for your workers