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Virtual learning is in high demand, but for skilled trades students, this poses a unique challenge. In an industry where real-world equipment is needed and hands-on training is preferred, instructors are struggling to supplement in-the-field training for remote teaching. SkillMill™ is the leading global provider of online, on-demand skilled trades training designed to bring field-like training to your online classroom. Lifelike 3D and VR simulation models give you the reassurance your students are digitally training for real-world jobs.

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Allow your students to learn better, and learn faster, with SkillMill™’s Comersive Learning platform. Interactive field-like simulations offer your students engaging training proven to have higher retention rates than traditional teaching methods. Expert-led courses provide your students with continuous learning and support as they prepare for their transition from the classroom to the field. Faster than hands-on training, yet just as effective, SkillMill™’s lifelike equipment allows your students to replicate in-person tasks on any digital device.

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Save time and increase organization using Command Center. Assign, test and grade your students course work, all in one place. With the ability to integrate into your current LMS, and the option to upload external links, create a custom learning path specific to your students’ needs. Schedule mandatory compliance training to make sure students leave your program well-versed in on-the-job safety hazards. Also, they can safely troubleshoot in a risk-free environment through our online troubleshooting courses. Review scores of all assigned courses and tests in one, easy-to-read dashboard.

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