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How to eliminate shakiness in your VR Headset

If you've tried a simple reboot of your system and disconnecting and reconnecting the headset with no resolution, take a look at the recommendations below. These are great, especially if you're in a cubicle or expo type environment!

  1. Do you have a strong WiFi connection? We recommend a minimum of 10Mb download speeds for best results.
  2. Is your computer plugged in? Make sure the laptop or desktop computer you're using is plugged into a power source. If the computer is not plugged in or the battery is low, this can cause shakiness in VR.
  3. Are you casting to multiple screens? Cast to as few screens as possible for best results. For example: turn off your laptop screen if you're also casting to a TV.
  4. Is your play space well defined? If you're in an area with bland walls and few features for VR to track, try taping Xs to the wall(s).
  5. Low lighting? The tracking cameras require adequate lighting to track accurately.
  6. Is there a lot of background movement? Lastly make sure the primary direction the user is facing has little to no background traffic or movement that may confuse the system tracking.

Still no luck? This step is more technical, so it can be a last resort fix.

  • Repair Oculus App installation. Corrupt installations can cause tracking issues as enumerated in this troubleshooting doc