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Do I need a VR headset to do the training?

Nope! All of our training is playable on your tablet/computer. VR just takes your training to a new league.

VR is not required for any of our training, you can think of it more as taking your training to a whole new level.

But you're not alone! We get this question all the time.

All the 3D/VR Troubleshooting sims are playable on both tablet/computer or VR. The simulation and the troubleshooting steps will be the same whether you launch it in 3D or VR -- the only thing that changes is how to interact with it.

Tablets and computers launch the sims like a video game -- interactive with a mouse click or touch screen. The VR launches the same sims, but into your VR headset and controllers, where the environment is set to scale, and you're actually reaching out with your arms and crouching down to inspect/gauge readings, etc.

If you have a VR headset, you can pick whether to launch the sim in 3D or VR. Here's what those buttons look like:


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