Best Practice Tips for RESNET sim exams

Preparing for the RESNET Practical or ResCaz sim tests? Check this tip list for best exam experience prior to starting your exam session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What device should I use for the RESNET sim exams?
For best exam experience, use the same computer used during training for the exam. Bring your personal laptop to the test center. 

Having issues logging in?
Contact test help at RESNET for all questions regarding access to the RESNET portal, such as username and password. Email

Need help with access codes?
If your access codes are not working for the ResCaz or Practical  sim exams contact RESNET test help at

Having issues within the simulation?
Contact Interplay at or give us a call at 855-980-2525

Before logging into the RESNET portal, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the RESNET portal in Chrome incognito mode. In your Chrome tool bar click File > New Incognito Window. Then, launch the practical simulation.

  2. On the Practical sim exam, test the manometer tool first. Once you launch the simulation, quickly test the manometer by clicking the blower door to check the manometer appears on screen.
    1. After confirming the manometer appears, complete the clipboard sections which require the manometer.
    2. If the manometer does not appear after launching the sim, close and relaunch it. Each test access code may be used a couple times.
  3. Stagger students' entrance into the exam. Having students enter 5-10 minutes rather than all at once should help work with your network bandwidth

ResCaz Known Issue

There have been a couple recent reports of the left-hand menu blocking the tool box, preventing access. If this happens during the ResCaz exam the student's score will be manually calculated and submitted to RESNET. In this event, follow the steps below the image. 


Is the ResCaz menu bar covering the tool box?

  1. Complete as many pages of the exam as you can.
  2. Submit the exam.
  3. Relaunch the test.
  4. Complete only the sections of the exam you could not during the first attempt
  5. Send the name and email address of the student who's score is to be manually calculated
  6. We will manually calculate the student's score and submit it to RESNET, the training provider and student