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Earn Your NATE CEUs with Interplay Learning HVAC Courses

Feb 6, 2019 2:20:50 PM

You can now earn NATE Continuing Education Units or hours (CEUs) when you complete Interplay Learning HVAC courses.

This will help you gain the 16 CEU hours you need to re-certify every two years.


HVAC/R technicians with two or more years of HVAC/R experience can earn installation or service certification in one or more of the 21 specialty areas offered by NATE. Certification requires that the technician passes both the core exam and an installation or service exam for a specialty. But then, you need to earn 16 CEU hours every 2 years.


How to find the CEUs for each course:

From the Course Catalog page, click the little information symbol (‘i’) for a particular course (images below for reference). This will bring up the Course Description page. Here, you'll see a Continuing Education Units section which lists the NATE credentials that match the content of the course, as well as the CEUs or hours that you earn.course_thumb_instructions



Once you complete the course:cert

The ‘My Dashboard’ screen shows you a growing list of all the Certificates of Completion you have earned.

If you click on a Certificate title, it appears as a pop-up.  This will display the Specialties associated with that course, as well as the hours earned. You can download and print the Certificate when you want to send proof in to NATE for your re-certification.

More details about HVAC NATE approved courses:

We currently have 17 HVAC courses that have NATE CEU’s. Since they apply variously to 14 of the full 21 NATE Specialties, it can be a little confusing. The tables below lay it all out, so you can see which courses have content and hours associated with which Specialty. Remember, each Course Description page lists the CEU’s, so you don’t have to memorize anything. We just wanted to show you how our HVAC curriculum can help you with the full spectrum of NATE Specialties.tabletable2

So, just remember that no matter what NATE certification you’re going for, completing our HVAC courses helps you get those hours that you need.


Mark Mrohs

Written by Mark Mrohs

Mark Mrohs is our Solar expert at Interplay Learning. Few people in this world have as much solar experience as Mark and even fewer have as many focused on Solar Training. Mark Mrohs is a preeminent expert in solar photovoltaic training. Mark has worked in pv for over 40 years and conducted training programs in over 20 countries. He designed and directed the training programs for SunEdison, EchoFirst and SunPower, and previously for AstroPower and GE Solar as well as Siemens Solar and ARCO Solar. He has degrees in Physics and Educational Psychology & Instructional Technology and also serves on the NABCEP Exam Review Committee. Mark is developing, Interplay's Solar Curriculum and his work in this blog is focused on helping people improve the training of their field-service technicians and installers and of course give you insight into solar install perfection.