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Skilled trades jobs require you to work with your hands on a daily basis.

Studies show that hands-on work can improve your overall mental health. The combination of movement and the creation of a tangible product greatly affects the chemicals in the brain that make you happy.

With today’s over-saturation of mindless desk jobs and paper pushing, hands- on jobs are making a huge comeback as a way of giving meaning to the work that people do on a daily basis. This comes at a very exciting time, as the demand for skilled trades workers is at an all time high.

Let’s jump into 5 reasons why working with your hands improves overall happiness:

HVAC Technician Skilled Trades Working With His Hands


1. Seeing Results

The ability to see the outcome of your work can contribute to happiness. Many jobs today consists of tasks that are so far removed from the final product that it becomes difficult to feel a sense of accomplishment. In the trades, actions often have immediate results, which can lead to improved mental health.


2. Physical Activity

Studies indicate that regular physical activity can help elevate people’s moods. Running, weight-lifting, and other methods of exercise are common examples. Careers in the skilled trades provide opportunities to be physically active and get paid at the same time.

Welder Skilled Trades Working With His Hands


3. Avoiding Debt

For those considering a career in the trades, there’s an immediate long term benefit: avoiding student debt. 80% of professionals report student debt as a significant stressor and the average bachelor's degree holder takes 21 years to pay it off. Going to trade school instead of college can save technicians over 20 years of unnecessary stress.


4. Positive Job Outlook

Trade jobs are always in demand. There are more open skilled trades positions than there are people to fill them. From 2016 to 2026, the trades industry is expected to grow anywhere from 5% to 16%, depending on the specific role.

There is plenty of room for individual career growth as well. Technicians begin their careers in entry level positions but can advance as they gain skills and experience, some even starting their own business. Although happiness shouldn’t come from what others think of you, technicians can know that their skills are extremely valuable.

HVAC Technician Skilled Trades Working With His Hands


5. Great Pay

Let’s not forget the happiness that comes from getting paid well to use those hands. For example, the average HVAC technician makes $52,650. Entry level positions start at $29,250, and experienced technicians can make up to $89,905.

For those who start their own business, it’s possible to make even more. The salaries of other trades jobs can vary, but the opportunities for growth is the same. For more on skilled trades salaries and career information, check out our free eBook.

HVAC Technician Skilled Trades Working With His Hands

It’s important to feel happy in whatever career you choose; after all, we spend so much of our adult lives at work. If you want a fulfilling career that’s less about pushing paper and more about using the tools you were born both with, consider learning a trade.

The skilled trades can provide you with a sense of accomplishment, keep you physically active, present countless job opportunities, keep you out of debt, line your pockets and improve your overall quality of life.

For more information about getting started in the trades check out our fully online, on-demand skilled trades training course catalog.