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A great HVAC tech is well-versed in troubleshooting all industry equipment. But like any special craft, it takes time and experience to be able to really master a skilled trade.

When it comes to HVAC mastery, few are more seasoned than resident Interplay HVAC expert, Tim Smith. We recently interviewed Tim to get the lowdown on what he considers to be the top 3 things that HVAC techs get wrong when it comes to troubleshooting a gas furnace. Here’s what he had to say:

#1 First, Many technicians assume that if all the components are operating on a gas furnace, that the furnace is operating properly. This is not accurate. In fact, you could have fuel input issues or improper airflow making the system less efficient.

How To Troubleshoot A Gas Furnace with a Blocked Exhaust Vent



#2 Next, many technicians assume that the factory default blower speed selection is correct. This is not accurate. Duct design, as well as the type of filter being used need to be considered. Very often, the blower speed needs to be adjusted based on the overall system.

#3 Lastly, when on a gas furnace service call, many technicians will remove the door to the furnace without observing the fault/error codes. Unfortunately, once the door is removed, the door switch will open and break power to the IFC, or furnace control board, clearing the error codes.

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Are these things that you already knew, or is it time for a refresher? This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, so we want to know what else you think most techs get wrong in the field? Feel free to share your comments below.

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