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Life-like Training, Real-life Results

Troubleshoot virtual versions of cooling, heating, and refrigeration equipment. Build critical skills to make better on-the-job decisions.

Tablet Ready

Gone Paperless? Your technicians have access to an incredibly powerful tablet. Unlock additional functionality by turning your tablets into training platforms for your team. 

Manage and Monitor Employees Success

The powerful tracking platform and dashboard analytics gives you insight into your employees strengths and weaknesses. Integrate training progress into performance reviews and promotional paths.

Help Your Service Manager

Hiring, training, and supporting HVAC technicians is only part of their job. Give them the tools to help your technicians excel. 

Turn Technicians into Income Generators.

Simulation training builds skills and confidence that delivers in the field.

Installers wanting to transition to service or new service technicians that are still green represent opportunity for your company. Put your techs on a path for success with critical foundational skills and service call repetitions via our online HVAC simulation software.  More efficient techs and fewer callbacks translates to a better bottomline. 

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HVAC technician repair on-the-job training
HVAC technician simulation training software screenshot

Advancing Technology Demands Advanced Training

You are installing new technology everyday. Make sure your technicians are prepared to service it.

Whether your technician is just out of school or a veteran of 30 years, HVAC equipment is becoming more digitally complicated. Make sure your HVAC professionals are prepared and understand the latest technology. Working with leading manufacturers, Interplay provides life-like HVAC training to prepare your technicians for success through our online software. Solving customer issues in a timely and confident manner (especially after an expensive purchase), puts your company in position for a five-star review.

Snapshot Case Study

Dealer chooses Simulation Learning to enhance training programs

Who:   Williams Comfort Air, the leading Carrier dealer in the Indianapolis area.

What: Adopted Interplay's HVAC simulation software into their training process to accelerate learning and provide assessments for their educational programs.

Outcome:  "We were amazed how quickly the teams jumped into the sims. I had never seen a training asset so engaging that they would do more than I asked them to. I know the work in the sims will make them better techs." - Michael Labanz - Technical Training Manager

HVAC technician simulation training success